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Cardiac Prevention- Regular Health Check is The Key!

There are certain aspects that are a part of everyone’s life – stress, work pressure, less physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy and fast eating habits. We might have a lot of time for our work , aspiring careers and appearances, however our health issues always come secondary to a work related appointment, deadline or a presentation. We usually resort to quick fixes and self medication, compounding our issues and complicating matters even more.

Break free and choose prevention:
Regular health checkups have become an integral part of executive health. In this era of highly competitive job profiles one also has to keep up with his/her health. We do not have to wait for a problem or a sudden heart attack or a hypertension stroke. Being ready prepared and informed about your body is essential and imperative. Cardiac Disease builds up gradually and the signs and symptoms for the same are silent. A heart attack can be mistaken as just heartburn. Its essential is to be informed!
Most of the government and private firms prescribed and ensure a regular executive check up fir their employees every two years. This also helps in early detection of lifestyle disease and reminds the person -“It’s enough  you better look after yourself too”!!

Preventive Check Up – the package for your health:

Cardiac Prevention
• A health check starts with a complete blood profile and it is mandatory to do a treadmill and an echocardiogram. Echocardiography is a good tool to detect heart hypertrophy, reduction in heart fraction, degenerative or pre existing heart valve disease. Sometimes aortic aneurysms are picked up early with these.
• Blood profile highlights raised cholesterol and triglyceride levels which most of us are not even aware of.
• High blood pressure affects the kidneys, eyes and the heart adversely. It is better to be informed and not repent later when you have health complications such as – chronic kidney disease or has retinal detachment.
• Blood sugar analysis is essential. This is important as many don’t come to know about the high levels until and unless there is a complication.
• Any person after the age of forty is prone to develop coronary artery disease. Treadmill test easily picks up early if the patient has any silent ischemia. The moment patient develops any symptoms or signs during TMT he is recommended for angiogram which immediately points out as to the nature and extent of disease.
Hence the recommendation is: “Stay healthy by investing in health and get a check up at least every two years.”