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Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults

Causes of Hearing Loss in Adults
in ENT

Apr 19, 2022

Below are some of the causes of hearing loss:

Otosclerosis– It is a middle ear ailment. It makes it tougher for tiny bones present in our middle ear to move. This leads to conductive hearing loss. It is a condition often cured with surgery.

Meniere’s disease– This is an inner ear disease. The reason of it is unknown yet. It generally begins in individuals aged between 30 & 50 years. An individual having this disorder will often suffer from sensorineural hearing loss. Ringing in the ear and dizziness become common. Sensitivity to very loud sounds could happen as well. The hearing loss comes and leaves, however, some of the losses become permanent.

Autoimmune inner ear disease– In this disorder our body attacks itself. This kind of hearing loss occurs fast. One should visit a doctor soon if suddenly loss in hearing is sensed. Medical treatments could assist in keeping the hearing loss to the lowest.

Ototoxic medications– There are some medicines which could lead to hearing loss. We shall speak to our doctor regarding the medicines we take. Below medicines may affect our hearing:

  • Aminoglycoside antibiotics i.e. neomycin, streptomycin or kanamycin
  • Loop diuretics such as ethacrynic acid or lasix
  • Large dose of aspirin
  • Some chemotherapy drugs

Acoustic neuroma– This is an example of some tumor which leads to hearing loss. It may also result in ringing in our ear & feeling like our ears are full. We require medical treatment for acoustic neuroma.

Very loud noise– Loud noise may result in permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss induced by noise is painless & generally takes place over time. Extremely loud sounds like an explosion, may result in sudden hearing loss.

Presbycusis– It is a sensorineural hearing loss which takes place with increasing age. Speech could start to sound unclear or muffled. We may have to ask individuals to repeat what they say or raise the volume of television to hear it.

Physical head injury– TBI or traumatic brain injury, hole in eardrum & damage of middle ear could lead to hearing loss.

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