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Posted on Apr 19, 2022


  • Nutrient deficiencies : severe diet restriction leads to many nutrient deficiencies such as carbohydrates , proteins ,vitamin A ,vitamin D, VITAMIN E, vitamin K and mineral like calcium , phosphorus  sodium etc. these  are essential food groups and their absence in the diet can be the cause of numerous deficiency  diseases
  • Slow metabolism : the slow metabolism dieting consists of a drastic decrease in calories intake. it leads to slow metabolism  in body . slow metabolism leads to a slow weight loss with  body fat level but less muscle
  • Altered mood : When our body is not getting sufficient nutrients, it affects our mood because of hormonal changes and lowers the level of blood sugar. When body is slow on energy, we feel tired very easily and can be in bad mood which is not good for the health
  • Headache: another side effect of unsafe, rapid weight loss are frequent headaches. So, it is advised that one should always eat a regular meal, drink plenty of water before and after exercise to avoid headaches
  • Constipation: the state of having irregular bowel movements  is very common with severe dieting . We should increase the fiber intake in such cases as Green leafy vegetables , fruits  and increase the amount of water  which is very effective in this condition
  • Gallstone: it is a very serious side effect of low calorie diet. When the body loses weight too quickly, the liver starts secreting extra cholesterol in the bile which leads to gallstone in the upper abdomen, back and can also cause symptoms such as nausea ,vomiting ,bloating, heart burn etc
  • Menstrual cycle: severe dieting may lead to rapid weight loss that can force the female body to start shutting down all the non essential survival function. It can adversely affect the menstrual cycle also.