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Common Winter Illnesses

Mentioned below are some common health disorders in winters

Asthma– Cold air happens to be the prime reason for symptoms of asthma i.e. shortness of breath & wheezing. Individuals having asthma shall take extra care during winters. They should stay indoors in very cold & windy days. In case an asthmatic individual happens to go out they should be wearing scarfs loosely over their nose & mouth. They shall be alert regarding taking their regular medicines & keep reliever inhalers nearby.

Painful joints– Many individuals having arthritis have said that they suffer from painful & stiff joints in winters, however, this isn’t clear as to why that happens. There isn’t an evidence that changes in the weather result in damage to joints.

Many of us become somewhat depressed during winters & this can make us perceive pain more acutely than in other seasons. Everything including medical conditions feels worse.

Exercising daily can boost our physical & mental state. Swimming is an exercise which is easier on our joints.

Heart attacks– Heart attacks become more common during winters. This is due to the fact that cold weather raises blood pressure & puts more strain on our hearts.Our heart has to work harder for maintaining our body heat when it is cold.

We shall stay warm especially in our homes & heat the rooms we use and use hot water bottles and good thick blankets to stay warm in the bed. We shall wrap us warm when we go out by wearing woolen caps, scarf & gloves.

Flu– This health problem could be a major killer for vulnerable people. Individuals aged 65 7 above, pregnant ladies & individuals having long-run health disorders like diabetes, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney diseases are mainly at risk.

The best way for prevention of flu is to get a flu jab or flu nasal spray for kids aged 2 – 17. Flu vaccines provides good protection from flue & lasts for 1 year. If we are above 65 or if we have some long-run health condition, we could also opt for a pneumococcal vaccine, which protects from pneumonia. .