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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

COVID & Asthma

World is reeling through the COVID pandemic and every strata of the society is affected regardless of geographical distribution. Most common organ system affected by COVID infection is the Respiratory. Hence it is very important that people chronic lung disease should be more vigilant to keep their disease control optimum during these pressing times. If you are asthmatic and feel respiratory discomfort you must visit a pulmonologist near you.


World asthma day is up the corner and I am going to discuss Asthma in COVID times today.

Most of the patients with Asthma are on inhaled medication such as MDI,DPI or Respules. It’s very important that you should be compliant with your medications. Steroid inhalers don’t cause or predispose to COVID illness, so there is no need to worry about it. Please take it regularly as prescribed by your physician. Remember, inhalers are right for asthma.

If you are breathless and wheezy,first thing is to take your reliever medications. If things don’t settle, it is advisable to see doctor early.

Please make sure you are up-to-date with you vaccinations -Flu & Pneumococcal vaccine.

Please remember, present Flu vaccine don’t protect you against COVID. however, they protect you against other flu viruses.

Maintain good nutrition, keep yourself hydrated and use masks when out and about if you have to venture out. Keep indoors while the lockdown is in force.

Stay home ,staysafe!