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Diet Tips For Women Fitness

Diet Tips For Women Fitness
in Dietitian

Apr 19, 2022

Women need to keep their body fit and need to pay more attention to themselves. Their bodies go through metamorphosis numerous times in their life. Their hormonal makeup changes and the same puts a lot of pressure on them. It is important that the right nutrition is provided to the women so that they are able to balance their life. The diet that women take should be adequate in all other nutrients except calories. The diet should consist of all five food groups like cereals, vegetables, pulses, milk, unsaturated fat.

  • Keep a check on what you drink – Water can be consumed in unlimited quantity. Carbonated and sweetened beverages should be avoided. Fruit juices, coffee, and tea can be consumed without sugar. Alcohol should be restricted. Food giving empty calories should be avoided.
  • Take the right non-vegetarian food – Red meats should avoid. Fatty portion of chicken should be discarded. One should learn to enjoy preparation using little fat. Fish can be included in the diet. A limited amount of eggs can be added.
  • Low-fat milk and milk products should be taken – Skimmed milk should be used in the diet. Probiotics with low fat can be included in the diet. Buttercream and ice cream should be avoided. Cheese can be sparingly used.
  • Load your plate with fresh green vegetables- Plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet. Green leafy vegetables should be part of every meal. This will ensure that they meet the requirement of antioxidants on a low-calorie diet.
  • Fibre is important in your diet – The diet should be rich in fiber. Meals can be started with a salad. Diets should include whole grain, sprouted grams, unprocessed foods and natural foods in raw form. Fruits can be taken as snack items (instead of making juice and pulp).Whole fruits can be consumed.
  • Opt for a low-fat diet – The diet should be low in fat. No saturated and trans fatty acids to be included in the diet. Fried foods should be avoided.Gravy dishes having saturated fats should be avoided. Junk foods like pizzas, chips, french fries should be strictly avoided. Food naturally rich in oil like nuts should be taken in restricted amounts. Unsweetened beverages and yogurt in which fiber is added can potential the satiating property, suppress appetite and control food intake.
  • Keep a check on your sugar intake – The diet should be low in sugar, sweets, cakes, and chocolates should be strictly avoided concentrated foods like condensed milk, honey, and sugary syrups should be avoided.
  • Choose the right cooking method – The method of cooking should be modified, boiling, poaching and steaming pressure cooking and simmering with no additional fat should be methods of cooking.
  • Limit your portions – To reduce the intake of food serving size can be reduced, small size plates.
  • Be careful while fasting – Fasting should be avoided as one tends to eat more food later. Substitute foods during fasting times are generally rich in calories like potatoes, sago and ground nuts. People who eat once a day usually consume concentrated foods.
  • Opt for low-calorie diet – Even low-calorie meals that emphasize more variety and include fruits vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products may reduce the chances of android obesity, hypertension, diabetes hyperlipidemia, stress, PMS and menopausal symptoms.
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