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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Drugs and Treatments during a Heart attack

 If someone is having a heart attack, then have the person sit down and rest, and try to keep calm. Loosen any tight clothing. Opt for medication such as nitroglycerin, for a called heart condition, and help them take it. Every minute after a heart attack more heart tissue deteriorates or dies. Restoring blood flow quickly helps prevent heart damage.

First aid medication to be taken post Heart Attacks:

Following are the drugs:- Easily available cheap and most effective that should be taken in case of a heart attack. People who are at risk of suffering from a heart attack should keep these medicines available with them:

  • Aspirin. Emergency medical personnel might give you aspirin as soon as possible. Aspirin reduces blood clotting, thus helping maintain blood flow through a narrowed artery.
  • Thrombolytics. These drugs are also known as clot-busters. They help dissolve a blood clot that may be blocking the blood flow to your heart
  • Antiplatelet agents. Emergency center doctors may give you other drugs called as platelet aggregation inhibitors to help prevent new clots and keep existing clots from getting larger. The drugs that can be given are clopidogrel and ticagrelor.
  • Other blood-thinning medications. Other medications, such as heparin is given to make sure your blood is less sticky and less likely to form clots. Heparin is given intravenously or by an injection under your skin.
  • Pain relievers. Patients can be given a pain reliever such as morphine.
  • Nitroglycerin. This medication is used to investigate chest pain angina and can help develop blood flow to the heart by widening and dilating the blood vessels.
  • Beta blockers. These medications help comfort your heart muscles, by slow your heartbeat and putting less blood pressure making your heart’s job easier. Beta blockers can limit the amount of heart muscle damage and prevent future heart attacks.
  • ACE inhibitors. These drugs lower blood pressure and cause less depression or stress on the heart.
  • Statins. These drugs help control your blood cholesterol.

Intervention:- Primary angioplasty and most effective tools available at centers having a cath lab.