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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Empathize with the God Sent Angels!

She was awake the entire night, keeping a check on your well being. She ensured with doctors again and again not because she has less knowledge, but to avoid any mistake (for your health). She was wearing smile, even when you were venting your frustration on her….No she is not your mother, she is your nurse!

We understand, a patient and his  or her family go through a difficult phase during their hospital stay. But the place you want to avoid is their day and night. They have been nurturing you selflessly!

Nurses - a God Gift

On this nurse day, I request all doctors across the world to educate their patients and attendants to respect them, be kind and gentle with them.

They don’t get any incentive for their endurance and patience. ‘Nursing’ is more than a career choice.  They lead very demanding lives. Nurses are always over-worked, less paid, far from their natives. Doctors are over-demanding, there is no room for mistakes, and they have to be very cautious and alert. Being a nurse can be exhausting at times, but the knowledge and power to help heal others is what keeps them going in challenging times.

They keep working on their toes ignoring their own health and priorities. A lot many female nurses got exposed to radiations and they have to abort their child. They also need compassion and encouragement.

Patients and attendants, for sure, can encourage and motivate them by being empathetic and gentle to them.

“They may forget your name, but they will never forget the way you made them feel- Maya Angelou”

Take a pledge to let them feel special.

Appreciate them for their concern: They feel motivated and encouraged and do not mind to walk an extra mile for you.

Say ‘thank you’ quite often: they feel acknowledged.

Have patience: You might have to face delay. Have patience. Most of them are doing double duty because of high attrition rate. There are some critical and emergency cases, which they have to prioritise.

Be respectful to them:  A respectful treatment is every human’s right, and nurses, they deserve it most.

Trust me, it’s a basic human need to be appreciated and acknowledged. Nurses are god sent angels, show them care, they will return you care in manifolds.