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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Menstrual Monster: Don’t Let It Pull you Down!

Before you could live your moments, the menstrual monster with multiple faces- cramps, PMS, depression, irritation, anxiety, helplessness knocks your door , to put your feet back to the ground and get you out of your dreamy world. And this unwanted visitor will be a monthly edition- whether you like it or not!

 It’s an alarm to wake you up to tell you, little girl! You are growing to be a most powerful creation of nature –Woman. So why to allow discomfort to overpower your mind? Every second day we find women whining and complaining about the issue. Women skipping work, students missing school and studies & relationships being affected.

Accept it! You are growing and its natural and it will happen every month, and in fact it is important to have regular periods for your good health. The physical body is in the transition phase and getting ready for reproduction. High time for being self aware!

Regular exercise and healthy lifestyles make these tough days bearable.

Menstrual Monster

How we respond to this discomfort is our choice!

Sometimes, mothers, elder sisters or significant others suffer more than you or they react inappropriately, and since you are young, your inability to chose your reaction towards menstrual cycle makes you anxious, depressed, sad and lonely. You are not alone.


Talk to your mother, teacher or your doctor to understand more about it. Do not seek answers from friends; it may add to your confusion. Talk about your emotions, all girls face this stage. It might be about discomfort but it makes you stronger and not weak. Hormonal changes might add to mood swings but you are the master of your mind, just order your brain to stop worrying.

 Understand your body and notice discomfort and respond accordingly.

You might have periodical cramps, have continuous lower abdomen pain, heavy bleeding, mood swings or NONE. For physical discomfort you can take prescribed medicines and take rest if you feel like, but don’t feel abandoned, weak and sad. You can make healthy choices to stay pleasant and can pick tasks which might not add discomfort.

Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough. ~Earl Wilson

Don’t let it occupy your mind

It’s for five days! Don’t let it stay in your mind 24x7x365. It lasts only for three to five days, but we shift all focus on discomfort and turn anxious before the due date. And we feel victimised and start highlighting it as a punishment. You are not miserable! It’s not injustice, it’s very much part of your life because others are not as strong as you.

Some women notice PMS – unreasonable anger, inappropriate reactions, taking things very personally, feeling low, feeling oversensitive and feeling the urge to cry. It is ok to feel such ups and lows. But we can avoid taking it for granted, we should not allow one to react abruptly, rather we should make a conscious choice for a responsible and respectful behaviour towards self and others.

Engage Meaningfully

  • Don’t take a break from daily routine or work, but don’t overexert. Take enough rest if you need it. But engage yourself meaningfully in reading, watching good movies, hang out with good friends, meet someone needy or visit any place you wish to go. Do something which gives you a sense of achievement.
  • If discomfort persists and becomes unbearable: meet your gynaecologist and follow her instructions and visit regularly, do not miss your medicines if prescribed any. Have plenty of fluids.
  • Don’t give ear to myths told by elders and friends. You are allowed to enjoy and take charge of life. You can travel comfortably. Make plans and make a checklist for how to enjoy life with menstrual cycle, keep extra dress in your bag, sanitary napkins, garbage bags for disposal, prescribed medicines, something to munch and wear a smile.