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Empowering future leaders:Importance of Adolescent Health

Empowering future leaders:Importance of Adolescent Health
in Emotional Health

Apr 19, 2022

Why it is very important to nurture growing girls-physically, mentally and moreover emotionally? Because they are the one who shall lead to reach higher levels of success, empowerment, prosperity and wisdom and ensure that the same is passed from one generation to another.

Understand the need:

Let’s understand the reason for physical changes- from amoeba to human; reproduction is an important part for the survival of species. The physical changes you notice are natural. You might experience acne and other changes on your skin, these changes in your body may be perceived as harmful or disease oriented, however it is important for each one to understand and accept them. Such clarity is essential, after all cramps in mind could be far more painful than menstrual cramps.

Importance of Adolescent Health

Young readers!  First you need to understand adolescence is a stage, a very crucial stage which is a determinant for your future life, largely; it’s a preparatory stage for choices you are going to make ahead. But this is a life stage full of confusion and distractions also.  You might find there is nothing black or white all grey, all foggy, but this is the beauty of this stage. What you see is not confusion, they are options. Accept this is a transitioning phase, your physical body is making you ready naturally, and so hormonal changes might keep you upset. It is ok if it’s not interrupting much! Your perspectives about life, people, relationship and social life shall change. It’s part of growing up! An emotionally stable person is more open to take better decision; therefore, you need to take care yourself holistically, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Freedom is another name of responsibility

As you grow from a little girl to a young girl, you need to understand and accept that the changes which are taking place are very much part of your growth and development.  You are unaware about expectations of people around you and you keep questioning your self-esteem –“how should I behave”?

Confusion is part of learning, don’t feel guilty or blame yourself for being confused, allow youself to make mistakes, we all have learnt it the same way.  It is alright to make mistakes and it is alright to repeat them too. But it would be wiser to learn from them and take future decisions accordingly.


Parents & Family: At this stage, you might get angry with your parents and elder siblings. You might feel they don’t understand you. They have faced this stage of life, they might not be able to respond assertively but they are your well-wishers. Listen to them, share you worries with them too.

Friends and Peers: Suddenly you generate more faith in friends and peers. And you are ready to follow them, never forget, they are of your age, carrying all similar confusions and distractions. Before you decide something, talk to your parents or significant others. Don’t hide things or lie just because they will not approve. Experimenting with alcohol and smoking is very common. Ask yourself, “Are they healthy and very important for you? Would you feel guilty and ashamed after doing this? ” Remember There are no rewards no punishments only consequences”.

Special friend: You might get attracted to opposite gender friends, its normal, but be cautious whom you are giving power and if the person deserves you or not. Just because it’s a need or an urge you should not enter in a relationship, needless to say the other person must be of your age or few years elder to you. Listen to your instincts, because relationships are one the most important and beautiful parts of our life, our experience good or bad define concept of life to us. Be responsible for yourself.

Always keep in your mind “Knowing how to have a child does not make us ready to have one”.

Any deformity or disability could be a limitation not a hurdle.

Possibly, some of you might be facing some life challenges, a poor financial status, some long-term illness at home, some physical disability, parents’ divorce, death of a close family member or a breakup.

As I mentioned, it could be just a limitation, these are not any hurdle or blockages.

Be confident: accept yourself with full love.

  • Your beauty is not about your acne, your complexion, your features, your body shape, and your hair texture or hair style. Don’t define yourself with your looks and appearance.
  • Your value is not about your parents’ financial status, the society you stay, school you attended. They could define resources and convenience but not you.
  • Your respect is not about how people treat you, how popular you are in peers, it’s about how do you respect you.
  • Don’t be scared everytime with the news of rape or other negativity. Make yourself strong and ready to take challenges of life. Pains are inevitable but suffering is a choice. There are positive, supportive, colloborative and cooperative people more in the world, first be theone you shall attract all good people.

Modify to be successful                 

  • Be an active listener: Listen to your elders and everyone.
  • Be respectful to others views, perspective and needs.
  • Be empathetic: understand others intentions.
  • Don’t take things personally: people are different not difficult.
  • You are responsible for your happiness.
  • Your life is dependent on choices you make now.
  • Respect your body and keep a healthy lifestyle, never forget you are a very important person, a very important resource for society and your country. Never underestimate yourself!
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