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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Health tests women in their 40s to 60s need

Women need to keep themselves healthy. This is important because of the fact that the entire family usually depends on a woman. 70% of Indian women tend to ignore their signs and symptoms. Moreover in women who are suffering g from cancer, 75% of the times the cancer is detected in the final or last stages. The concept of early detection and timely treatment needs to be inculcated in all. Following are few of the tests that are recommended to women, above the age of 40:

  • Have an eye test done every alternate year even if they do not use glasses
  • Have the physical tests done in every 1 – 5 years
  • Get the professional breast examination done annually
  • Consider getting the shingles vaccine post crossing 60 years

Women Health Tests


All women shall have the mammography to screen for breast cancer. How often they seek treatment varies as per age. We recommend mammograms every alternate year for the women between 50 years & 74 years of age. Women below 50 years of age shall work with their doctors for determining the frequency of getting mammography done

Breast Exam

Starting in the 40s for you, healthcare providers perform annual breast exams. They visually & manually check the breasts to identify any shape or size difference or any dimpling or rashes and lumps. They also check to identify if the nipples make fluid when they are squeezed gently. Women should be aware of the look 7 feel of their breasts and report any change to the physician.

Colon Cancer Screening

After 50, women shall start being screened for colon cancer as well. The tests would include:

An Annual Stool Test

  • Every 5 years a flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • Colonoscopy every 10 years
  • Double-contrast barium enema, every 5 years
  • Computed tomographic colonoscopy, every 5 years

Women may require screening more often if they are at a high risk of the colon cancer. They shall be screened for it till the age of 75 years.

Skin Checks

As per estimates, around 3.3 million individuals in India  are diagnosed to have skin cancer every year. To identify it early, women should check themselves monthly starting at the age of 18 years by looking for suspicious or new moles. Screenings by some medical professional are dependent on the risk factors of the patient. The risk factors may involve:-

  • Remarkable exposure to sun
  • Family history of having skin cancer
  • Presence of multiple unusual moles
  • Fair skin
  • History of having several blistering sun burns, earlier in life