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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

How laughing can benefit your Heart

Laughter is good for our mind, body and soul. In recent years, studies have shown a strong link between our emotions and cardiovascular health. It also shows that hostility, anger, depression, anxiety and social isolation all lead to higher rates of heart disease. So that we can say Laughing is a great way to release tension, relax and naturally improve the function of our blood vessels to increase blood flow. It boosts the immune system and decreases stress hormones. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. It is a powerful tool to help combat life’s difficulties and also triggers healthy physical changes in the body. Here are three ways in which laughter can give you a healthier heart:

1. Increased blood flow

Laughter increases your blood flow by dilating the inner lining of blood vessels, which is called the endothelium. Laughter causes the release of beta-endorphins in the hypothalamus, which leads to the release of nitric oxide, which dilates the vessels. Nitric oxide is a chemical that also protects the heart by reducing inflammation and preventing formation of cholesterol plaque. So that laughter is spontaneous and has an immediate effect.

2. Less stress hormones

Laughter has also been shown to have beneficial effects on other aspects of our biochemistry. For example, it leads to a reduction in stress hormones, including cortisol and epinephrine. Stress causes our blood vessels to constrict.

3. Antibody boost

Laughter boosts the number of antibody-producing cells, which leads to a stronger immune system. “The benefits of laughter cannot be understated,” “Laughter leads to an immediate reduction in the body’s negative response to stress and causes the blood vessels of the body — including the heart — to increase blood flow as needed.” Researchers are just beginning to understand all that laughter can do to promote heart health. There is some thought that laughing on a regular basis can even reduce your risk for a heart attack. Here are a few suggestions to reduce stress and laugh more:

  • Look at the lighter side of things
  • Spend more quality time with loved ones who bring joy and laughter
  • Catch a comedy on TV or at the movies

By making humor a regular part of your life, you can have a big impact on your own heart health.