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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Is it safe to exercise with Asthma?

Exercise triggers symptoms of asthma. Many individuals having asthma experience difficulties in breathing, wheezing, coughing, tight chest after or ring an exercise. However, most of the individuals having asthma also successfully exercise with good guidance & treatment. Exercise benefits everyone including the people with asthma.

A very prominent review of more than 18 studies on exercises with asthma published in the year 2012, including over 690 people, found that exercises for asthma are safe, they improve heart & lung fitness & enhance the quality of life. The review concludes that individuals having asthma shall be motivated to exercise with no worries of its symptoms getting worse.

Safe exercise for Asthma Patients:

People having asthma could be more sensitive to temperature extremes, dry air, pollution, and allergens. While at rest, breathing through nose moistens, warms & filters air prior to its entry to the lungs. With exercises, most of the individuals breathe through the mouth and that could trigger symptoms of asthma, hence the individuals exercising with asthma feel better when breathing in through nose & out through mouth. Individuals having asthma shouldn’t overexert themselves because this could trigger symptoms of asthma. Consistent exercises are usually better tolerated, however, patients having asthma shall not stop exercising for some significant symptoms.

Best & Worst Exercises for Asthma Patients:

Swimming is 1 of the best exercises for asthma as it builds up muscles we use for breathing. It also exposes our lungs to a lot of warm, moist air that is less likely to trigger symptoms of asthma. A medical review of 0ver 7 studies on children & adolescents in the year 2013 showed that swimming raises lung function & cardiopulmonary fitness, with no serious side effects in people with stable asthma.

Other physical activities for individuals having asthma are:

  • Walking
  • Hiking,
  • Biking,
  • Golf &
  • Gymnastics

No activities have to be off-limits with asthma, however, some sports activities are more likely to trigger symptoms of asthma. They include cold-weather sports such as ice hockey, cross-country skiing & endurance sports such as soccer & long distance running.