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How does Laughter help lower my Blood Pressure?

How does Laughter help lower my Blood Pressure?
in Cardiac Surgery

Apr 19, 2022

Laughter is the fastest approach to lower blood pressure . As per research humor and laughter can assist in lowering systolic blood pressure i.e. top number by around 10 points within 20 minutes merely.

A small study was done wherein participants watched a 20 minute humor video clip. They watched an intense war movie as well of 20 minutes. Post this their blood pressure was measured by researchers. It was found that post watching the funny clip, the patients not only exhibited lowered blood pressures but also their cholesterol levels were found to be better. The war movie had no effect though on the health of the patients, other than leaving them emotionally drained.

How does Laughter have an impact on our Blood Pressure?

Stress hormones are the answer.  When we are tickled by a funny bone, stress hormones levels go down in relation to the rising blood pressure. As a bonus, laughter is also good for our immune system. We can try the below mentioned ways for keeping our blood pressure under control-

  • Start walking. A walk leads to stronger heart
  • Have a cup of tea at intervals ofcourse
  • Do breathing exercises

Benefits of laughter:

  • Laughter is good for the heart too! Laughter maintains healthy endothelium and decreases the risk of any cardiovascular problems, strokes and heart attacks.
  • When we laugh, our blood flow rises and blood pressure increases, however, when we stop , the blood pressure then drops down to baseline.
  • Laughing also makes muscles work which leads to initial increase in blood pressure post which there is a sustained drop in it. Blood vessels also dilate followed by increased amount of oxygen entering the circulation as a result of deep breathing.
  • Laughter lasting for 15 to 20 minutes daily is good for the health of our heart. The heartier the laugh, the better.
  • Laughing stimulates several organs. It enhances our intake of air rich in oxygen. It stimulates our heart, muscles and lungs and raises the endorphins which are released by our brain. Laughter activates and relieves our stress response.
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