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Long Working Hours from Home – Tips to Take Care of Bones

With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are staying and working from home thereby reducing physical activity. Even children are not going out to play and get adequate sun.

This may lead to –

  1. Stiffness of joints
  2. Decreased muscle bulk
  3. Vitamin D deficiency
  4. Postural neck and back pain is also on the rise.


To counter these problems, easiest solution is to exercise at home and take Vitamin D supplements in addition to maintaining a good posture while working from home.

Stretching and strengthening exercises of not just the neck and the lower back but of lower and upper limbs should also be done. One can follow simple yoga routine which can be learnt online or exercises like dance aerobics can be done. This can be a family group activity to get the involvement of all family members including children.

While working on a computer, monitor should be kept at the level of the eye, avoid sitting in one position for long hours and whole of the back should be rested on the back of the chair, take frequent short breaks to walk around and do routine stretching exercises. Vitamin D supplements can be taken on advice of a physician or physiotherapist.