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How to manage Prostate Cancer

Diagnosis of prostate cancer can shatter any individual especially if he is otherwise fit & without any symptom. A common scenario occurring in our clinical setting is a man who may be having few urinary symptoms or may have been investigated for any other illness finds himself suffering from cancer of prostate based on test results.

Prostate Cancer management

How can prostate cancer be prevented?
So, what can be done so that prostate cancer could be prevented?
Actually, there is no single preventable factor which has been attributed to causation of prostate cancer. Genetics play a role but cannot be modified. However, various risk factors which have been recognised to cause prostate cancer need to be modified.
It has been said that if your heart is healthy, your prostate will also be healthy. This is because risk factors for prostate cancer are same as cardiac diseases like high calorie diet, excess fats & refined sugar, less fruits & vegetables, lack of exercise & obesity. The modification of these factors may help in prevention of prostate cancer.

Factors on which control and management of prostate cancer depends:
The control or cure from prostate cancer depends on the type & stage at which the disease is detected.
If diagnosed early before it has spread outside the gland, various surgical options exist for complete eradication of disease. If diagnosed late, even then, immunotherapy or chemo-radiation are available for adequate control of the disease.
Hence, the most important thing for better management of prostate cancer is timely evaluation so that even if the disease is detected, it can be successfully treated & will not affect the survival & lifestyle of the individual.