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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

All You Need to Know About the New Variant of Covid

As new variant of covid in India progresses, despite increasing vaccination rates, there are still several potential 3rd wave new variant of covid in India. Out of the number of new variant of COVID cases, there are some incredibly dangerous new covid variant such as the Alpha variant and Delta variant in India, some potentially worrying covid variants such as the Eta variant, Kappa variant, and Lambda variant, and finally, the least worrying covid variants include the Epsilon variant, Zeta variant, and Theta COVID strains. To help you understand exactly what kind of threat each poses, where they originated, and their current spread, all important information has been collated into this list.

New Covid variants

With several new variant of COVID strains to look out for, it can get confusing to understand the threat that each one poses. To help navigate the new COVID variants, continue reading.

  1. Alpha variant covid symptoms: First identified in the United Kingdom back in September of 2020, the alpha variant covid has so far, spread to 173 countries. One of the worrying alpha variant covid symptoms include increased severity in females. Women with Alpha strain COVID symptoms are at a higher risk of requiring intensive care and have a higher fatality rate, making the alpha new variant of covid 19 worrying and dangerous.
  1. Beta covid variant symptoms: Although not much is yet known about Beta COVID variant symptoms, cases of it have been reported in 122 countries after being first discovered in South Africa in August 2020. While tests are being conducted to further identify Beta COVID variant symptoms, there is currently no conclusive Beta COVID vaccine available.
  1. Gamma variant covid symptoms: Much like the Beta COVID strain, no concrete Gamma variant COVID symptoms have yet been identified. However, it seems to have a high rate of transmission as a surge of cases in Brazil in December 2020 has been linked to the Gamma COVID variant making it an important strain to look out for.
  1. Delta covid variant symptoms: The most destructive new variant of covid strain, the Delta covid variant in India has been linked as the cause of the devastation of the second wave of covid with its higher rate of transmission and increased severity of the illness. It has another mutated covid strain known as Delta Plus covid variant that has also been listed as a major cause for concern. Delta COVID variant symptoms include loss of appetite, stomach aches, hearing loss, joint pains, nausea, and vomiting. Overall, the Delta variant and Delta Plus covid variant are highly dangerous and any potential Delta COVID variant symptoms need to be closely monitored.
  1. Eta variant covid symptoms: Though not much is known about the Eta COVID variant, the first cases of it were reported in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. So far, no specific Eta variant COVID symptoms have been identified making the process of educating oneself and tracking the Eta COVID variant very difficult.
  1. Iota covid variant Symptoms: Originally a source of concern in New York, the increased transmission rate of the Alpha variant of covid 19, Delta covid variant and Delta Plus variant, and the Gamma variant covid have eclipsed any immediate worry regarding the Iota covid variant.
  1. Kappa covid variant symptoms: From the same viral lineage as the Delta variant in India, the Kappa COVID variant was first identified in India in October 2020. Much like COVID-19, initial Kappa COVID variant symptoms include rashes, fever, cough, sore eyes, and a runny nose. While the first four new covid variant listed above are sources of concern regarding the 3rd wave covid variant in India, two new cases of the Kappa new covid variant have been reported in UP recently, making the Kappa variant in India important to monitor.
  1. Lambda variant covid symptoms: While the Lambda variant COVID spread rapidly in Peru and is believed to be responsible for 80% of cases there, there has been no detection of the Lambda variant covid in India. Given the scarcity of Lambda variant COVID symptoms in Asia, it is unlikely to be the 3rd wave of covid variant in India.
  1. Epsilon COVID variant: Originating from California and dating back to July 2020, the Epsilon variant of COVID 19 has a 20% increase in transmission rates compared to older covid variants. As of now, the Epsilon COVID strain is not a high-priority.
  1. Zeta COVID variant: No longer considered a new covid variant of interest by the WHO, the Zeta covid variant was first found in Rio de Janeiro.
  1. Theta variant covid 19: Another variant that poses no real threat is the Theta COVID strain that was first identified in the Philippines and then Japan. Cases are low and Theta COVID symptoms seem to be minimal, making the Theta coronavirus strain less dangerous.

After all, it is still important to get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect yourself from new strain of COVID variant. To learn more about new covid variant strain symptoms, and the dangers that certain new covid strain like the Delta variant and Delta plus variant with different variant.