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Apr 19, 2022

Bad breath is usually a very common problem but often ignored either because of anxiety or embarrassment. It can affect all age groups. People suffering from bad breath develop low self-confidence and avoid social interactions. Bad breath is usually harmless but sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious. There is a number of reasons which can cause bad breath like:

Oral Hygiene

Bad breath is usually a common problem, It is important to maintain healthy oral hygiene as bad breath can further develop into severe mouth infections.

Bad Breath can occur anytime because of the hundreds of bacteria residing in our mouth. When we eat, these bacteria act on the food in our mouth and leaves a foul-smelling waste product behind.

Dry Mouth
It is a condition in which not enough saliva is formed in the mouth which is necessary for thorough cleansing. It can occur due to certain medications, diseases that hamper salivary glands functioning, or in the case of mouth breathers.

Gum Disease
Bad breath can be an alarming sign of advanced gum disease.

Systemic Diseases
Oral infections can cause bad breath. However certain conditions like diabetes, liver or kidney disease, GERD, etc can also result in bad breath.

Other things like certain foods, smoking, chewing tobacco, etc. can also lead to bad breath.

Prevention of Bad Breath
It is very important to maintain healthy oral hygiene as bad breath can further develop into severe mouth infections. The foremost is the usage of a good quality mouthwash and rinsing mouth at regular intervals. Oral infections can be quite a pain if not taken care of at the nascent stage.

People should not neglect oral malodor (Bad breath) as its treatment is primarily directed towards one’s education regarding the cause and prevention of the accumulation of oral bacteria. Cleaning of teeth effectively including brushing and interdental flossing, can significantly reduce oral malodor, particularly in people with poor oral hygiene and related gingival and periodontal disease. And also looking for its cause can diagnose another systemic issue before it gets worsen.
It is mandatory to get an oral check-done every 6 months for getting rid of dental problems. So, one should visit the dentist on regular basis in order to avoid any such issues.

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