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Pediatric OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea means cessation of breathing during sleep caused by Obstruction to airways. This is always accompanied with snoring as a rule.

In children, this generally is caused by enlarged tonsils & adenoids.

When to Suspect:-

  • *In case of snoring & mouth breathing
  • *Failure to gain weight or Obesity
  • *Headaches
  • *Falling grades in school
  • *Drooling of saliva during sleep
  • *Bedwetting
  • *Restless Sleep
  • *Protrusion of Teeth
  • *In drawing of chin
  • *Hyperactivity in Behavior

What Happens If You Ignore Paediatric OSA

  • *Growth Failure –Mental & Physical
  • *Cardiovascular + Neurological Problems
  • *Seizure Disorders
  • *Diabetes
  • *Facial Anomalies

Treatment Options:

1 Medical Management: – Steroid Sprays. This can’t be used for long duration and its a Temporary Relief.

2 Appliances :- CPAP-Poor compliance in children.

3 Surgery :-  Removal of Adenoids and Excess Tonsillar Tissue- Coblation.

This has a benefit of

  •  Permanent Solution
  • Blood Less almost painless
  • With no side effects