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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

How to Identify Post COVID Symptoms

Post COVID is a new term used to describe cases in which the symptoms and effects of COVID-19 extend significantly, for weeks or even months beyond the first diagnosis. Some of the best COVID hospitals have seen up to 15-20% of their patients returning with some or other post covid symptoms and treatment even after COVID recovery. The new focus on this extended illness has led to an outburst of questions around Post COVID symptoms and treatment after COVID recovery. Patients around the country have been reporting feeling lingering effects of COVID-19 post recovery for between 4-12 weeks, or even beyond this. This article will answer all of the burning questions around Post COVID recovery to explain exactly what Post COVID symptoms are and possible plans for Post COVID treatment.

Post Covid Symptoms and Treatment

Post COVID is a persisting form of COVID-19 and can cause several painful symptoms. To know post covid symptoms and treatment.

How is Post COVID harmful? Who is affected?

As with COVID-19, elderly populations remain especially vulnerable to experiencing post COVID recovery symptoms. Contracting Post COVID symptoms causes an extended recovery period that can drastically affect the quality of life of patients while simultaneously straining the healthcare system. The recovery time for COVID 19 Post hauler treatments varies according to different cases but for some, Post COVID symptoms will resolve within 12 weeks.

Some of the most common Post COVID symptoms include the following problems experienced post-recovery:

  • A persistent cough, a feeling of chest pain, and shortness of breath, chest heaviness.
  • Increased fatigue coupled with brain fog that makes focusing, thinking clearly, and paying attention difficult.
  • Anxiety, mood changes, and depression.
  • Increased fatigue and a decrease in stamina a Post with severe muscle and joint pain, specifically in legs.
  • Hair loss has been noted in some patients exhibiting Post COVID syndrome.
  • Difficulty sleeping, concentrating and recalling events.
  • Rashes and sudden hair loss are also symptoms of Post COVID syndrome.
  • The feeling of your heart pounding or heart palpitations coupled with sweating indicates a decrease in proper pumping and functioning of the heart.
  • Abnormal lung function and inflammation of the heart muscle.
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms, extreme appetite, abdominal bloating, acid reflux.

Thus, virtually all Post COVID symptoms are the same as that of a regular COVID-19 illness. However, the persistency and intensity of some of the issues may be extended and worsened. It is important to note that while sore eyes and other eye problems have been linked to COVID-19, there are no problems associated with Post COVID eye problems or Post COVID sore eyes as of now. For those of you who may be asking, ‘can vaccines prevent Post COVID?’, vaccination is the most effective tool against fighting all kinds of COVID-19 infection. However, there is no conclusive evidence that vaccines can fully prevent Post COVID syndrome. Further, vaccines decrease the severity of the illness, and mortality rates among the vaccinated are significantly lower than those who remain unvaccinated.

Another point to note is that symptoms for those who have been fully vaccinated usually only include a mild cold and cough, low grade fever.

If some of the issues listed above apply to you, you might have contracted Post COVID syndrome. To begin your Post COVID treatment, first assess the intensity of your problems. If you feel like you have any of the following medical problems, it is time to contact a hospital immediately to prevent post covid symptoms.

  • Sudden chest pain after COVID recovery that is severe and lasting in duration.
  • Intense chest pain that might be accompanied by sweating, shortness of breath, and nausea as a result of Post COVID acid reflux.
  • Chest pain caused by repeated and severe coughing is a sign that your Post COVID cough must be treated immediately.

To begin your Post COVID treatment plan and recovery process, click here to contact Paras Hospitals immediately. Once your symptoms have been diagnosed, you can begin the process of Post COVID recovery.