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Stay Alive- Don't Drink And Drive

India has become a leading country in case of fatalities due to most road traffic accidents in world.

Road  Safety is now prime  national concern due to its magnitude & gravity and the consequent negative impact on public health & economy. Road traffic fatalities result  in deaths ,disabilities and hospitalizations with severe socio-economic  costs . Drinking Driving has become a serious  public health problem. The alcohol has become a serious concern in road safety. One should never mix alcohol with driving , but still many people  love to do it for fun and end up in mishaps. A drunk driver is equivalent to a potential murderer as he cannot perform his tasks. Also he endangers the lives of people on the road. Drunken driving has become recognized world  menace.  According to statistics around 40% of road traffic accident occur under influence of alcohol. The accident risk increases significantly when blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.04g/100ml. Some 4,80,000 deaths & 200 lakhs of people get injured by drunk driving.

The United Nations has rightly proclaimed 2010-2020 as the decade of the Action on Road safety so that the current trend of road traffic accidents stabilizes  and is reversed by year 2020.

Never Drink and Drive

Facts about Alcohol:

  • It is a depressant drug that kills brain cells hence slows the activity of brain.
  • The claim about alcohol acting as a tension reliever is false . It does not help either to relieve tension or induce sleep and neither solves problems.
  • 31% of fatal road traffic accidents are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Alcohol makes  doctors very difficult to assess the severity of injury. Also due to alcohol the recovery process of the human body is also hindered. This is because it affects the circulatory & the immune system. It also causes anesthesia delay and affects the response of various medications, there by complicating various surgeries and their result.
  • Does it “Inhibit” Sex – There are lot of studies , however the best way to describe the analysis is in  Shakespeare’s words- ‘Provokes the desire but takes away the performance’.

Conclusively , if you are planning to drink , please don’t drive ,let your driver drive you to home. Take a Cab .Stay  at a friend’s house till morning  and then drive home. Just make arrangements before you go and you should always have this on your mind- There is somebody waiting for you at home!