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Internal bleeding due to trauma

Internal bleeding due to trauma
in Emergency Medicine

Apr 19, 2022

Internal bleeding happens to be the most serious result of a trauma. Generally, the bleeding happens due to obvious injuries which may need immediate medical attention. Internal bleeding can also take place post a less serious trauma or be delayed by some hours or some days. Some internal bleeding because of trauma can stop by itself; however, if it continues and is critical, then surgeries are needed.

Treatment of Internal bleeding due to trauma

Reasons For Internal Bleeding Caused Due To Trauma:

Internal bleeding can happen to post any major physical injury. There are 2 important kinds of trauma and either of them can lead to internal bleeding:

  • Blunt Trauma– This trauma takes place when a part of body collides with something else, generally at a high pace. Blood vessels of the body get crushed or torn due to a blunt object or sheer force. i.e. car accidents fall physical assaults.
  • Penetrating Trauma– This takes place when some foreign object has penetrated the body, tearing a hole in 1 or more blood vessels. i.e. gunshot wounds, falling on a sharp object, stabbings, etc.

Body organs or the blood vessels may be damaged from trauma & result in internal bleeding. Most serious sources of internal bleeding because of trauma are:-

  • Head trauma along with internal bleeding. This is also known as intracranial hemorrhage
  • Hemothorax or bleeding around lungs.
  • Bleeding around heart
  • Tearing of large blood vessels around the center of the body such as the aorta.
  • Damage resulted from trauma to abdomen like liver or perforation of some other organ.

Symptoms of internal bleeding due to trauma:

  • Abdominal pain or swelling lead by trauma to liver or spleen. Such symptoms get worse with the continuation of bleeding.
  • Dizziness, light-headedness or fainting could be a result of loss of enough blood.
  • A major area of deep purple sin known as ecchymosis could be a result of bleeding into soft tissues or skin.
  • Tightness, swelling, and pain in legs can also be a result of internal bleeding in thighs. Very often this happens due to fracture off thighbone.
  • Loss of consciousness or a headache can be a result of Internal bleeding in the brain.
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