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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What Affects our Bone Health

Bone health is important for each one of us. Osteoporosis and arthritis together are the leading causes of disability in India. Every 5 Indians amongst 10 older than 55 yrs of age are at risk of suffering from a fracture or disability caused due to improper bone health. Precautions and a healthy diet are a must to ensure that your bone health is an asset and not a point to worry upon.

Osteoporosis & Arthritis Awareness

  • The amount of Calcium in the diet– A diet with low calcium leads to the low density of bone, increased risk of fractures and early bone loss.
  • Physical activity– People who are physically more active have lesser chances of experiencing Osteoporosis than the ones who are not active.
  • Use of Tobacco & Alcohol– Research has suggested that use of tobacco leads to weaker bones. Similarly, taking over 2 alcoholic drinks every day regularly also raises the risk of having osteoporosis. This is possibly due to the fact that alcohol can interfere with the ability of our body to absorb calcium.
  • Gender– A woman is comparatively at a higher risk of having osteoporosis than a man as women have less bone tissue as compared to men.
  • Size– A person could also be at high risk of weak bones if they are extremely thin (with body mass index of 19 or lower) or have a small frame of the body due to the presence of less bone mass to draw from with their age.
  • Age– Our bones get weaker and thinner with growth in our age.
  • Race & family history– Asians and whites are at higher risk of having osteoporosis. Additionally, if ones have a sibling or parent who had osteoporosis, they can be at higher risk too, especially if one has a family history of having fractures.
  • Hormone levels– Too much of thyroid hormone may lead to bone loss. Women suffer from the dramatic rise in bone loss at menopause because of reducing estrogen levels. Amenorrhea or Prolonged absence of menstruation prior to menopause also raises the risk of having osteoporosis. In case of men, low testosterone levels may lead to loss of bone mass.
  • Eating disorders & condition– People with bulimia or anorexia are at risk of having bone loss. Additionally, gastrectomy or stomach surgery, weight loss surgery & conditions like Crohn’s disease, Cushing’s disease, and Celiac disease may affect the ability of our body to absorb calcium.