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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What are the Medical Benefits of Healthy Weight

It is really important to have a healthy weight it has various short and long term benefits that can be achieved even by 5 – 10% weight loss. More benefits can be achieved if an individual return to being overweight or obese to a healthy body mass index range.

Here are some benefits of weight loss:

  • Avoid Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes

If a person is obese or overweight that it leads to two types of 2 diabetes. Being overweight makes it difficult for the cells to respond to insulin, as the extra fat acts like an insulating layer, that makes it difficult for the sugar to move into cells and resulting in higher circulating blood sugar levels.

  • Improved Blood Glucose Control

If a person loses weight, then it also helps in improving the blood glucose control. The doctors at Paras Hospitals guide with the proper care of weight management.

Medical Benefits of Healthy Weight

  • Healthy Heart

It has been observed that the two major risk factors for heart diseases are high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. The accumulation of excess body fat releases some chemicals into the bloodstream that increases the blood pressure level and being overweight also causes the liver to produce excessive amounts of LDL cholesterol.

  • Improvement in sleep

Losing the weight helps in the reduction of fatty tissue in the back of the throat that further helps in decreasing snoring. Maintaining a healthy weight encourages better quality sleep and reduces the risk of developing sleep apnoea.

  • Pain free joints

Even a loss of just 5 % of body weight can decrease the amount of stress on knees, hips, and lower back, and reduce pain.

  • Improved Fertility

There has been studies that showed that if a person is obese then it has adverse effects on the reproduction.