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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What causes Muffled hearing in Ear?

Muffled hearing can be defined as a hearing ailment in which the patient cannot hear clearly. The patient feels that there are cotton balls in his / her ears. This defect can occur in one or both ears. The common reason for muffled hearing is a conductive hearing loss that can be caused by a variety of factors or medical conditions, including a build- up of ear wax and ear infections. You may also suffering from clogged ear.

In most cases, it is treatable and doesn’t lead to permanent hearing damage. In case of Sensorineural hearing loss, we advice that you consult an ENT specialist at the earliest.


Ear Wax Compaction: –

The secretion of earwax from the ear is a natural process and helps for protection from dust and small particles that could damage the sensitive parts of the internal ear. It is advisable to clear the ear regularly with a special wax removal kit, solution for softening and letting it flow out or consult with specialist.

It is not recommended to use cotton buds or insert any object in the ear as they may push the ear wax deeper and worsen the condition or even perforate the ear drum.

  • OTITIS Media: –

Infection of the middle ear or OTITIS media or glue ear, swimmer’s ear, cold or flu can also cause muffled hearing and damage ear further. Treatment is not necessary as the ear clears up on its own. However, it is always best to seek professional help and follow the instructions’ of your medical practitioner.

  • Ear Drum Perforation: –

Damage to the eardrum may also be responsible for muffled hearing. It usually occurs after trauma or wax compaction.

Treatment should be determined by a specialist and can include surgery or antibiotics.

  • Abnormal Growth: –

A growth in the ear such as a tumour, tissue buildup or fluid growth can lead to narrowing of the ear canal and cause problems with hearing. Removal of the growth may be a solution along with a treatment with medicine prescribed by a healthcare professional. Someone has muffled hearing, we suggest you to contact Otorhinolaryngologist.