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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

What is the most often-performed Heart Surgery?

Heart Surgery is a complex procedure that is performed by a cardiac surgeon. The same is performed to treat the blockages in the arteries of the heart, the leakages from the valve or any other defect that is affecting the circulatory system of the heart. It is a surgery that is performed in a specialized hospital and needs super specialty care and ICU assistance.  India is the cardiac capital of the world with over 60% of heart attacks cases. The cardiac ailment burden is growing and cardiac surgery is one treatment modality to treat heart disease.


Coronary Artery Bypass

Coronary Artery Bypass

Bypass surgery is the most often performed kind of heart surgery with over 10 lakh procedures done every year in India.Due to the buildup of the fatty plaque, arteries become clogged across time. A bypass surgery mends the smooth flow of blood using a new route also called “bypass” across a section of the diseased or clogged artery. The surgery comprises of using a division of blood vessel from leg, chest or some other body part for grafting on the diseased coronary artery, hence bypassing the diseased or clogged section.

The sternum or breastbone is divided during a bypass surgery, the heart is stopped and blood is flown through the heart-lung machine. Unlike the other types of heart surgery, the heart chambers are not opened during such operation. Some bypass procedures are also done as limited access surgery, also known as a minimally invasive bypass.

What to expect before a Bypass Surgery?

The operation shall be scheduled at a time best suitable for the patient and his surgeon, except for in some urgent cases. One should not forget to inform their surgeon & cardiologist regarding any changes in their health including signs or symptoms of the flu or cold because any infection can affect his recovery.

One must also review their all medications along with his surgeon and cardiologist. Prior to the surgery, one shall have ECG or EKG, urine tests, blood tests and chest X ray did to provide latest updates to their surgeon regarding their health. If one smokes they shall stop it at least 2 weeks prior to their surgery as smoking before a surgery cn cause problems with breathing and blood clotting. One would be asked to take a shower for reducing germs on their skin, a night before their surgery. The patient would be given anesthesia prior to the operation to make them sleep during surgery.

As anesthesia is the safest on empty stomach, the patient is asked not to drink or eat after the midnight before their surgery. In case patient eats or drinks they should inform their anesthesiologist and surgeon.  Comprehensive updates shall be provided to the patient by their cardiologist and surgeon regarding the entire procedure.