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Work and Hypertension

Work…. Tension…..Hypertension, seems to be synonymous

Hypertension is a common problem nowadays, but the irony is that 50% of patients aren’t even aware that they are suffering and being affected by this silent disease. A handful refer to specialists, make life style modifications and prescribe to medication. It is one of the most common life style disorders today and affects 1 in every 3 Indians.

So where are the roots of this chronic epidemic condition?

It is not totally depends on our genes, as environment also plays a critical role.
In today’s life, there seems to be a loss of balance between the need and desire. That’s why we see depression, anxiety, restlessness, inadequacy of sleep, frustration and anger especially in younger and middle age group. From beginning of life kids are under pressure for studies, marks, extracurricular activities, and above all fulfillment of parent’s desire. This later on turned into targets, achievements and fulfillment of expected social status. So are we running behind a unseen goal? Hence along with a unhealthy lifestyle, improper eating habit, stress is a major reason for hypertension. Today’s work culture appears to be another root cause of hypertension. Young hypertensive’s, diabetics and cardiac complications are common.

Stress makes you Hypertensive:

Work and Hypertension

Each one of us begins our day early and as we begin our day we get ready to run. Reaching on time, picking up kids on time, making sure that you meet the targets and take care of your kids are all aspects that complicate and stress one out. All this affects our health, because in the entire chaos we start to neglect ourselves. Due to stress the following happens:

  • You start to miss breakfasts
  • You skip meals to meet deadlines
  • You start eating unhealthy junk food
  • You begin making your kids eat the unhealthy food too
  • Your sleep patterns change and you start to sleep less
  • You don’t have a balanced diet
  • You have no time to relax and spend quality time with your kids
  • You dint meditate
  • For you exercising is difficult

If you have any of the 2 applicable to you, you may be heading to the silent disease of Hypertension. It is best that you refer to a specialist and a nutritionist who can make you a diet planner, however the best is introspection. You need to let the stress out of your life yourself.