Importance of Regular Checkups

A few generations back, individuals saw their doctors only if they fell sick or were critical. Currently, preventive healthcare has become popular because individuals have become a lot more aware & empowered regarding their health. Individuals seek medical suggestions about leading a healthy lifestyle. They have the urge to reduce the risks of several diseases or conditions by adopting healthy diet, weight & degree of physical activities.

Doctors have been requesting patients to avail regular checkups for staying at the top of health. They have been highlighting the vitalities of preventive measures as a means for lowering the patient’s numbers needing a medical treatment or a surgery.

Opt for Regular Checkups

Regular checkups could assist in identifying the health issues prior to becoming a problem. When someone sees their doctor on regular basis, they are in a position of detecting the health conditions or the diseases earlier. An early detection provides us the best possibility of getting the precise treatment quickly, hence avoiding complications. By choosing correct health services, screening & treatment we take a vital move towards a longer & healthier life.

Advantages of the Regular Checkups :

  • Lower our risk of falling sick
  • Identify potential & lethal diseases or health conditions early
  • Increase possibilities for treatment & cure
  • Restrict the risk of complications by carefully monitoring the existing conditions
  • Lower the costs of healthcare over the time by avoiding the expensive medical services
  • Increase the lifespan & improve the health
  • Form good partnership with doctors so that the treatment could be more effective
  • Stay updated with new medical information or the technologies which are available

Preventive Health Screening Checklist for an adult:

Annual Wellness Visit

Cancer Screenings as per Recommendations

  • Skin
  • Colorectal
  • Breast
  • Testicular & prostate
  • Cervical

Sensory Screenings Recommendations:

  • Hearing (only when the symptoms arise)
  • Eyesight

Immunizations Recommended: