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Preventive Health Check-Up

Comprehensive Check

Ensure your perfect health condition and preventive health measures with our comprehensive preventive health check up package designed for all age groups.

₹ 7700

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Total WBC (TLC)

DLC Platelet Count

Bio Chemical Parameters

Uric Acid

Serum Calcium and Phosphorous

Lipid Profile (Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides screening, Ratioof Cholesterol)

Kidney Assessment

Serum Urea

Serum Creatinine

Complete urine Analysis

Liver Function Test

Total Protein

Albumin Globulin

A/G Ratio



Alkaline Phosphates

Serum Bilirubin (Total and Direct)

Thyroid Profile

T3, T4 &TSH

Cardiac Assessment




General Test

Blood Group and Rh Typing

Stool Routine

Urine Routine and Microscopic

PSA Total (for Men)

PAP Smear (for women)

Radiology Investigation

X-Ray Chest

Ultrasound whole abdomen

Mammography (for women)

Diabetic Profile

Blood Sugar Fasting and PP

Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HBA1C)

General Instructions:

    • Kindly take appointment before coming on 0124-4585555 and report to preventive Health Check Centre at Ground Floor.
    • Please come in fasting overnight for 9 to 12 hours for the check up. Avoid alcohol & smoking and food items with excess fat like cheese, deep fried preparations etc. on the day prior to your check up.
    • Take 1 litre of water before you arrive at the hospital. You should avoid passing urine till your ultrasound test is over.
    • Please come in casual comfortable clothing. Do not use jewelry, cream, oil, talcum powder.
    • Please carry your first morning urine & stool samples in the sterilized plastic containers (Containers can be collected a day prior from the PHP department).

Special Notes For Ladies:

  • Pregnant ladies or if suspecting Pregnancy do not get any X-ray or Mammography done.
  • Do not get the Gynecological check up done during menstrual cycle. . 
  • Health Check Process will take 3-4 hours. 
  • You will be served breakfast during health check. 
  • Review is valid for a month from the date of Health Check. 


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